I am a single mom with two kids, a girl who is 5 years old and a boy who is 3 right now. Due to some scenarios I and my husband got separated but he still loves the kids and they love him. In our separation, he gave me a house and an amount allowance every month. The house was raw, so I thought to fill it with the life that my kids adore and enjoy. So I took them to the wall for shopping. Just like other females, I love my space which is around my makeup vanity box and a gorgeous mirror. After shopping for basic amenities I decided to explore the world of mirrors which I want my home. As soon as we entered the shop selling mirrors both the kids squealed while saying lighted mirror. The elder one was more accurate with the words and was saying, “Momma see there is light in the mirror” whereas the young kiddo only able to say, “Mo….my li….t”.


Both the kids were fascinated with the mirrors illuminating light in different shapes. They wanted them all and trust me if you ask me even I wish to buy them all. The illuminations were so mesmerizing and uniquely designed that I was falling in love with all of them. After reaching in front of one of the mirrors I started even imagining about doing makeup and dressing in front of it. So by seeing the excitement in the kiddo and myself as well I thought the decision was made that we need illuminated mirror only.

One decision made few more to go. So the type of mirror is decided now I have to find the one which is made for me. I mean the one I love the most and is under my budget and has a good style in it. We searched the whole store and asked for the prices. The prices for all of them were quite reasonable so I was not able to eliminate any of it through that factor the only factor left was the shape and style. I feel like laughing but my young man was standing in front of one mirror since we entered the store, it was a Backlit mirror with round shape. When I asked him about it, he said, “Mo….my ta..t i..t”. Who can say no to this overloaded cuteness? We made the purchase and now I and my kids are enjoying brushing in front of our new mirror with lights as my girl says.


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