A bathroom is a place where one can perform the most crucial activities of the day like getting ready for work and morning course. Most of the people love to have well-brightened and decorated bathroom as it helps in making good appearances. Therefore, people prefer to use lighted bathroom mirrors. This is because mirrors have a good impact on one’s personality.

Necessity of Lighted Bathroom Mirrors

Lighted bathroom mirrors help one to get dressed properly. It also helps to focus on areas which are not seen in normal lights. It focuses light on the face when one is applying make-up. This is because it gives the best reflection to the users.  It even gives a touch of sophistication to the bathrooms. It helps in increasing positivity in oneself rather than negativity. It also helps bathrooms to look bigger than it is.

Features of Lighted Bathroom Mirrors

Most of the illuminated bathroom mirror has proper LED lights installed in it. The LEDs used in it do not radiate heat but rather radiate lumen. Apart from LEDs, they contain infra-red sensor and demister pad.  Infra-red sensor is used to control the working of LEDs whereas demister pads help in keeping the mirror spotless and crystal clear.


Lighted mirrors are mainly used in vanity vans, commercial and residential places. This is because they provide good indoor lighting. Nowadays, lighted mirrors have many features like non-brittle, anti-fog, scratch resistant and shadow-less reflection features. They also come in various designs and shapes and can be mounted wherever the customer wants.

Apart from led illuminated bathroom mirror, lighted cabinets are also available which gives a stylish look to the bathroom. One can maintain the style statement of bathroom by keeping various bathroom items and cosmetics hidden inside it. Lighted cabinets and mirrors always follow latest technology which can save power up to great extent.

Nowadays, these mirrors are available in market at an affordable price. These are considered within long term investments as it has hassle free usage. There are many companies offering lighted bathroom mirrors at various ranges. However, one should choose the best among them.

At first, one should what type of lighted mirror he/she wants. Then, he/she should visit the showroom and choose the best design for bathroom. Also, one should mirror which can save a lot of energy; thus, saving money even. After buying, one should set it such that most of the bathroom gets flooded with LED lights. However, installation is done by professionals working for the showrooms.


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