Suppose you wake up late in the morning and you have very limited time to ready for the office.  Bathroom is the place where you spend your most of the time in the morning to get ready.  You have to brush your teeth and to shave.    Suppose you shave and after shave some hair left on your face and go out from home for office. In office you have to give a presentation.  What happen when everybody in meeting notices so bad shave on your face?  In bathroom you need a mirror which reflects your exact image so that you need not to feel embarrassed in future.  But in bathroom there is a problem of lighting.  Solution of this problem is LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror.


These mirrors are equipped with LED light which illuminated light on your face and actual reflection of your face is displayed in the mirror.  You will feel like daylight even in the night in bathroom.  Illuminated bathroom mirror make you feel like you are in sunlight.  It looks like sunlight in your bathroom and you will not feel any difficulty while using mirror in bathroom.  These mirrors are very helpful in late night makeup. These mirrors provide crystal clear reflection of your face.  These reflect the impurities on the face and you can easily remove these impurities.

Illuminated Mirrors comes in various variations. Beyond LED lights these are also come with fluorescent backlight.  These mirrors are also called backlight mirror or just illuminated mirror.  With the increase of usability and quality these mirrors also increase the grace of your bathroom. The mirrors give out a very soft light that brings out the beauty of bathroom.  To increase the beauty of these mirror walls must be painted in matching color.

LED lights consume very less electricity so it will not increase you electricity bill.  Because of the low consumption of electricity these mirror can also operate through battery.  Some mirrors also have facility of shaver socket.

Illuminated mirrors give stunning and elegant looks to your bathroom. These mirrors come up with various designs, sizes and shapes.  It depends on your requirement and cost you can afford.  Some mirrors have standard size and shapes and other have flexibility in shapes and sizes.  Some mirror also comes with sensor built in which automatically light up when someone come in front of it and also automatically switch off on finish.


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